Hesburger to compensate the carbon footprints of three of its products

Hesburger cares about our common planet. That is why we are reducing our carbon footprint and offering our customers the opportunity to choose a product of which the climate impact is compensated.

Hesburger wants to be involved in caring for our common planet and do its part to rein in climate change. We are also giving our customers the opportunity to make better choices for the environment.

First and foremost, Hesburger wants to minimise the carbon footprint of its own operations. We operate as energy-efficiently as possible, we produce our own renewable energy, we optimise our deliveries to be as sensible and efficient as possible, we recycle materials and actively develop more environmentally-friendly packaging materials and methods.

In addition to this, Hesburger's product range includes products, whose production and service carbon footprint is fully compensated by participating in climate change prevention projects.