Responsible business operations

The term responsible business operations refers to the company’s responsibility thinking as a whole. Hesburger has made responsible decisions and engaged in responsible actions for a very long time, but those actions have become increasingly methodical and systematic only in recent years. As a local company with a relatively small organization Hesburger is agile and able to move swiftly if necessary. From the responsibility standpoint this is both a strength and a risk factor, and it needs to backed up by strong responsibility principles.

With the systematic development of corporate responsibility, Hesburger is progressing in responsible management as well. As knowledge and awareness increases, the company can increasingly take the responsibility perspective into account in all its decisions.

Getting the entire personnel and all company activities to commit to responsible thinking and action is especially important. As the best practices and experiences spread within the organization, responsibility really begins to show and bring added value.

The primary tools in this development are the Hesburger responsibility programme and this electronic responsibility report.