Organisation and key figures

Hesburger is a registered trademark owned by a Finnish parent company, Burger-In Oy.

Burger-In Oy is owned and operated by the Salmela family. The Chairman of the Burger-In Oy Board of Directors is the company founder Heikki Salmela. Kari Salmela serves as CEO and Jari Vuoti as Deputy CEO of Burger-In Oy.

Would you like to take a quick look at the 2020 key figures of a Finnish fast food chain?
Here you go!

In 2020:

  • taxable sales turnover for all Hesburger restaurants in Finland totalled EUR 217 million
  • taxable sales turnover for restaurants located outside Finland totalled EUR 107 million
  • nearly 21 million cash transactions were conducted in Finland's Hesburger restaurants
  • the same figure for Hesburger restaurants located outside of Finland was over 19 million
  • the chain employs approximately 5,400 people in Finland
  • including international locations, the total number of employees climbs to over 8,000