Keeping employees happy is in everyone’s interest: satisfaction motivates the employees and helps them cope with their work. It also reflects in customer service and improves work performance. Job satisfaction is affected by a number of different things, but together with a well-functioning work community it rises to a role of particular importance when everyone in the restaurant is in a hurry and the personnel are working under pressure. No one should feel left alone. Indeed, Hesburger has paid attention to see that either the restaurant manager or the shift manager is present at all times during the work shifts. This is not always possible, however, since some restaurants have only one person working at a time.

Job satisfaction and coping with work are strongly linked with competence growth. In order for the employees to have time to gain competence, job satisfaction involves lengthening the employment relationships and cultivating them as essentials.

A unified family business

In accordance with the Hesburger responsibility programme objective, the company added messages of interest to the personnel to the internal communications in 2017, enhancing a sense of togetherness within the family business. Important sources of motivation include having a good team spirit and understanding that each employee and unit plays an important role in a successful whole. Many Hesburger restaurants are located in smaller towns and the employees hardly ever meet the employees of other restaurants. Grasping the whole also helps the employees to understand the chain’s instructions and the importance of observing them.

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