Affordable accommodations

HeseHotelli is located next to the bus station, close to Turku city centre. The hotel has 15 rooms and 46 beds. Each room has air conditioning, a refrigerator, TV, and free WiFi.

Rates start at 55 €/day.

When checking-in, guests can also order and pay for breakfast from our extensive breakfast selection.

At the Hesburger restaurant located on the ground floor guests can eat lunch, grab a snack, or stop in for a cup of coffee. Please check the restaurant's opening hours here.

There is parking in front of the hotel.

More detailed information on room rates can be found on the booking page under "Check availability".

Additional information on invoicing agreements for companies.

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Guests booking a room on weekends must be at least 24 years of age.

More information:
Mobile: +358 (0)45 634 3443