HeseHotelli Kaskentie, Turku

HeseHotelli Turku Kaskentie is located in the Kupittaa district of Turku, approximately 1.5 km from the city centre. The hotel has 6 rooms and 16 beds. Each room comes with air conditioning, a refrigerator, TV, electric kettle, hair dryer and free WiFi.

Reception for HeseHotelli is located in the Hesburger restaurant. Reception is open during restaurant business hours. There is a parking area at the rear of the hotel. Parking spaces are for HeseHotelli customers (subject to availability). Parking requires a parking validation slip, which you can obtain from the restaurant.

NOTE! Kaskentien HeseHotelli can only be accessed by stairs. The lift is not in use.


Address: Kurjenmäenkatu 7, 20700 Turku (view on map)

Phone number: +358 (0)44 480 94 03 or +358 (0)45 634 3443 (during Hesburger restaurant business hours)
email address: kurki(at)hesburger.fi


HeseHotelli has both two and four-person rooms each with the following amenities: air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, hair dryer, electric kettle and free WiFi. Each room also has a private shower and toilet.

All rooms have regular single beds (90 cm wide) and two rooms have a sleeper sofa (120 cm wide).

Two-person rooms have two regular single beds (90 cm wide), which can be pushed together to make a double bed.
Four-person rooms have two regular single beds (90 cm wide) and a two-person sleeper sofa (120 cm wide).

Read information on check-in and staying at the hotel as well as the terms of booking here.


The ground floor of HeseHotelli houses a Hesburger restaurant, where guests can conveniently eat lunch, enjoy a snack or grab a cup of coffee. For restaurant business hours click here.