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HeseKebab is a separate service concept that operates within Hesburger restaurants. HeseKebab restaurants offer Hesburger customers a tantalising array of kebab products.

Delicious, high-quality meat is the main ingredient in our kebabs. They are easy to grab for lunch or a quick bite to eat when you're on the go. Our kebabs are also garnished with the famous Hesburger mayonnaise. A wide variety of vegetables, fresh pitas and french fries complete our tasty kebab meals.

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Döner HeseKebab® & Gyros is a new restaurant concept offering authentic flavors. As the name promises, you can have various kebab, gyros and döner dishes. Gyros is the most popular fast food in Greece and now you can get it from us too! You can easily take these Turkish and Greek delicacies also take away. In addition to the Hesburger's familiar paprika mayonnaise, you will find kebab sauce variety made with our own recipes which are crowns our dishes.

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