Energy from the sun

Several Hesburger restaurants are heated using renewable energy sources such as geothermal energy or solar water panels.

Many new restaurants are already equipped with roof-mounted solar panels while older restaurants are having them installed during renovations.

The solar panels produce heat or electricity for the restaurant. Together with other environmentally-friendly energy solutions, a typical Hesburger restaurant built using next-generation technologies needs no district or oil heating whatsoever.

A blow of renewable energy

In 2017, Hesburger and the energy company Vattenfall signed a contract for providing EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) certified wind powered electricity for Hesburger restaurants. The contract covers all restaurants and other facilities in Finland where the franchisor Burger-In Ltd purchases electricity.

No wasted heat

Hesburger restaurants use a heat recovery system. When air conditioning exhausts warmer indoor air, the heat is recovered and used to heat up cold inlet air. Heat recovery can be used to reduce the amount of energy used for heating.

High-efficiency kitchen appliances

Many of the appliances used in Hesburger's kitchens are a result of in-house product development. This development is driven by our desire to use energy-efficient appliances that are tailor-made for their intended purposes.Thanks to these new appliances, the energy consumption of new restaurants has decreased significantly.

Waste heat from refrigeration equipment is recovered in the newer Hesburger restaurants. Waste heat is used to heat the restaurant ventilation system air and the water supply. In many cases, the heat recovery system produces so much energy that the restaurant does not need any other source of heating.

Lighting the way

Hesburger restaurants are gradually shifting to the use of environmentally-friendly LED lighting. LED lighting consumes as much as 90% less energy than conventional lighting sources. LED lights also have an extremely long life and contain no mercury or other hazardous waste.

All lighting at Hesburger restaurants will be gradually changed to LED technology. The new technology is now used in lighted counter advertising boards and outdoor advertisements. In the future, LED lighting will be used increasingly in ceiling lights and outdoor lighting.