Hyvinkää pilot restaurant

In July of 2012, a new Hesburger was opened in Hyvinkää, Finland, to serve as a showcase for ecological energy solutions. The objective is complete energy efficiency, and every effort has been made to minimise the consumption of energy. The environment also was considered the choice of both equipment and construction materials.

Wind power, solar power and geothermal power are all used in the eco-restaurant. The wind turbine and solar panels produce emission-free electricity to meet the restaurant's needs. Geothermal power is used to heat up and cool down the restaurant building. The condensation heat produced by cold storage rooms is recovered for further use. A special feature of this restaurant is its green roof which filters impurities and carbon dioxide in the air. The green roof prevents excess heat from entering the restaurant in the summer and serves as extra insulation in the winter. The restaurant also has an electricity-free access control system.

Electricity-saving appliances

Hesburger's proprietary toasters, cookers and grills produce less waste heat and are equipped with electricity-saving eco-settings. The restaurant's indoor and outdoor lighting is virtually maintenance-free, using low-energy LEDs and energy-saver bulbs. LED lighting in and around the restaurant building saves approximately 26 MWh of electricity each year compared to conventional restaurant lighting solutions.

This page was updated on 30 Jul, 2020.