Diverse recycling

Every day at Hesburger restaurants all over Finland, hundreds of kilograms of french fries are deep-fried in vegetable oil. After being used, the vegetable oil is collected from every Hesburger in Finland for recycling and use as a biofuel. 

Oil is collected in as environmentally-friendly a way as possible: the same trucks that deliver new supplies to restaurants also take away the used oil, thus eliminating unnecessary trips. 

Responsible uniforms

Hesburger's uniforms have been selected in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.Thousands of employee uniforms are ethically manufactured according to the Code of Conduct, under the supervision of the Fair Labour Association.

Hesburger's uniforms represent a staunch commitment to sustainable development and responsible, Finnish design. Quality materials extend the service life of our uniforms and make it possible to re-use them when old employees leave us and new ones join our team. Employees are also given tips on how to care for their uniforms in an environmentally-friendly way.

Since the beginning in autumn 2014, Hesburger employees have been wearing items from our uniform line, which is manufactured using ethical production methods and environmentally-friendly materials. We use such materials as polyester made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles in our uniforms. The new uniforms bear the EU Ecolabel, which indicates that their manufacturing process is environmentally-friendly.

Ecodesign using old uniforms

All of Hesburger's old uniforms and advertising materials are recycled and re-used. For example, when we had to get rid of old Hesburger flags during our brand reform, we took the flags and turned them into a product line with the help of an eco-designer. The unique design products are used as rewards and incentives for Hesburger employees.

Where our uniforms and recyclable products are concerned, Hesburger has a long-standing co-operative arrangement with TouchPoint Oy.Touchpoint is a pioneer in sustainable development and a trendsetter in uniforms and PR products.Uniforms and recyclable products designed by Touchpoint transform our sustainable development values into real actions.