Less plastic

The best way to reduce plastic is to minimise the use of packaging material. Indeed, over the years Hesburger has reduced and thinned out the use of packaging materials in several ways. For example, polystyrene containers were eliminated in the 1990s and Hesburger restaurants have never used plastic bags. Today, many of the product packages used are biodegradable. For example, the Smoothie cup, which looks like plastic, is actually made of corn starch. Hamburger wrappers, French fry bags and tray liners are all biodegradable.

No more plastic straws

In 2019, Hesburger will eliminate the use of plastic straws entirely from its Finnish operations. The plastic straws will be replaced by a drinking straw made of paperboard. Most of the restaurants in Finland made the transfer to paper straws in the summer of 2019, and our customers have showed a lot of interst in them. Many of our cutomers have been pleased with the decision and the reduced use of plastic.

Hesburger has been reducing the use of straws and lids for years - a straw and lid is only provided for soft drinks and other cold beverages upon request. Straws are always provided for children or takeaway orders as well as for milkshakes and Smoothie and Fruitie products. Straws have been entirely removed from the condiment stations in dining areas.

Existing plastic is re-used

It takes hundreds of years for plastic to decompose. This is why it is so important that existing plastics be re-used sensibly and practically.

Hesburger uniforms are made from fabrics that contain recyclable plastic bottles. 18 recyclable bottles are used in a single collared shirt and 20 go into our belts. When a uniform reaches the end of its useful life, it is recycled. Worn-out uniforms are made into outdoor table sets for Hesburger restaurants. These table sets can last up to 50 years. And, when that time comes, the material can be recycled once again for re-use.

Hesburger also recycles clear plastic wrap used in production and deliveries.

Watch the video:
Uniforms from recyclable plastic bottles
Table set stress test