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At the end of 2019, there were Hesburger restaurants not only in Finland, but also in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Belarus. The first Hesburger restaurant in Bulgaria opened in late 2016. At the end of 2019, there were 18 restaurants operating in that country. With 56 restaurants, Lithuania continues to place second after Finland in terms of the number of restaurants.

In the Baltic countries, Hesburger is known as a quality Finnish restaurant chain. The chain’s familiarity rating is extremely high with 90 percent of Estonians, nearly 80 percent of Latvians and clearly over 50 percent of Lithuanians being able to identify Hesburger spontaneously if asked to do so. In its other operating countries, Hesburger is showing strong growth. Quality operations and marketing are raising the familiarity rating of the company in other countries as well.

Hesburger operates according to the local laws, whatever the country may be.

  • In all the operating countries, the employees are paid wages that are higher than the minimum wage. The pay is equal and the company pays compensation for overtime. Before beginning operations in a new country, Hesburger becomes thoroughly acquainted with the labour legislation.
  • A central warehouse similar to Hes-Pro operates in Saue, Estonia, distributing the raw ingredients to the restaurants in the Baltic countries. Like Hes-Pro, the Saue facility also shreds iceberg lettuce.
  • The Saue facility employs close to 30 people.
  • Hesburger audits the product safety and responsibility of the goods suppliers before any raw ingredients are ordered for distribution through the central warehouse in Saue.

Hesburger restaurants abroad (31 Dec. 2019)

  • Estonia: 48 restaurants
  • Latvia: 50 restaurants
  • Lithuania: 56 restaurants
  • Russia: 40 restaurants
  • Germany: 2 restaurants
  • Ukraine: 5 restaurants
  • Bulgaria: 18 restaurants
  • Belarus: 1 restaurant
  • Total abroad: 220 restaurants

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