All clean in one go
Hesepesu is a car wash line that washes your car quickly and efficiently. You can choose the right treatment from a selection of wash programmes. The car wash also has a prewash stage.

Hesepesu is fast - your car is moving through the line the entire time. The wash line can wash up to 35 cars an hour.

The detergents used in the wash line are environmentally-friendly. Our unique water circulation system helps to conserve natural water resources.

The water used in a Hesepesu car wash line is treated biologically and recirculated back into the wash process. This minimises the need for fresh water. The wash chemicals have been selected so that they will not interfere with the water treatment process. 

Many ways to pay
You can pay for a wash using a pre-loaded Hesburger Bonus Card, cash, common debit and credit cards, or an A1 card.

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