Tree planting and forest conservation in Ethiopia

Local communities in Ethiopia are working together with humanitarian aid organisation World Vision on a project, in which new trees are being planted and the severely denuded forests on the slopes of Mount Damota are being protected. The long-term goal is to restore the ecosystem, reduce the incidence of floods and, with more fertile soil, increase the productivity of farming.

The project is working to increase the motivation of local communities to engage in forest conservation, which also involves training in cattle farming and silviculture. The project is also raising funds for, among other things, building a preschool and grammar school.

Hesburger's involvement inthe project 10/2016-12/2022

  • The carbon compensation is equal to around 162.500 trees
  • Thanks to the woods, the local villagers have been able to grow grass for the breed, and the destructive effects of floods have been reduced.
  • The support has enabled training for 429 farmers.
  • The project has made a considerable positive difference in the employment and wildlife diversity in the area.
Hesburger compensates the carbon footprint of select products also through another project.

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