Carbon footprint compensated products

Hesburger compensates the greenhouse gases produced by the production of the Double Burger, Soy tortilla and Veggie tortilla by participating in projects which bind or reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Read more about the projects.

A carbon footprint indicates the volume of greenhouse gases produced by a product during its lifecycle. A carbon footprint is expressed as carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e). The carbon footprints of the Double Burger, Soy tortilla and Vegetable tortilla have been calculated by the Natural Resources Institute Finland. The calculations are based on data provided by Hesburger and its suppliers as well as average literature data on the production of raw ingredients. Raw ingredient production, processing, logistics, restaurants and the waste management of restaurant waste and packaging are taken into consideration in the calculations. Emissions are compensated in co-operation with Finnish-based Nordic Offset.

The carbon footprints of 3 Hesburger products:

  • Double Burger 3,4 kg CO2e
  • Soy tortilla 1,2 kg CO2e
  • Veggie tortilla 1,1 kg CO2e