School for children in Bangladesh slums

In 2005, Hesburger began on a joint project with Fida International to build a school in the slums of Dhaka. In 2011, 160 eager schoolchildren began their education at the school. The lives of children accepted to the school changed concretely, in that they no longer need to work long, hard days.

In addition to this, in 2012 Hesburger invited its customers to get involved in the education of slum children and succeeded in admitting an additional 80 students to the school. All of the 18 students participating in the national fifth grade final exam passed. This high pass percentage is a demonstration of the school's success, as the fifth grade is the final grade in comprehensive school and its final exam is the same for the entire country. Moreover, the schoolchildren are given a pleasant atmosphere for study. The school decor was made even more inviting by, for example, painting it with colourful images.

In 2022, the school had a student body of 430 pupils.