Hesburger is a major employer

Each year, Hesburger employs thousands of employees in different countries. Majority of the new employees are young people who join our ranks as interns or part-time employees and work alongside their studies. 

Recruiting and training the unemployed

Over the past four years, Hesburger has conducted several recruitment and training projects in co-operation with the Finnish Centres for Economic Development, Transportation and the Environment (ELY Centres) and Employment and Economic Development Offices (TE Offices).Through these projects, Hesburger has employed well over a hundred young, unemployed jobseekers.

Long-term employment relationships, few absences

Long-term employment relationships and minimal absences speak volumes about job satisfaction at Hesburger. This is the reason that employee satisfaction is so important to us and why we want to invest in it. Employee satisfaction is constantly measured and, using feedback, every effort is made to improve working conditions for each unit's needs.

Job satisfaction is also demonstrated by, for example, the fewest sick leaves and the longest employment relationships in the industry.

Gender distribution

Training programmes encourage employees to apply for supervisor training. In 2020, 83 percent of Hesburger employees were women and 17 percent men.* The gender distribution of supervisors closely corresponds with the overall employee gender distribution. We can indeed say that it is expertise and skill that counts at Hesburger, not gender. Ensuring equal opportunity is also monitored every year.

*The figures used in this article only apply to employees of Burger-In Ltd. restaurants in Finland.

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