Ingredients from Finnish companies

Hesburger is a family-owned Finnish company that employs 5,400 people all over Finland. A majority of the ingredients used in Hesburger products are produced in Finland.

Finnish ingredients are the preferred choice wherever possible. For example, the pickles and canola oil used in the production of mayonnaise are ordered from Finnish suppliers whenever Finland's short growing season and the production limitations of small producers allow it.

In-house sauce and dip production

Hesburger produces its own sauces and dips in its Kaarina production facility. Our own mayonnaise recipe is key to the taste of Hesburger products - you will find it in every hamburger we serve. The recipe was created by Hesburger founder Heikki Salmela in 1972. The production facility and its adjacent distribution centre maintain a staff of some 60 employees. Hesburger sauces and dips are also exported to the chain's restaurants located abroad.

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