A world-class veggie protein burger

Various vegetable-based burgers resembling meat have become popular both in Finland and around the world as vegetarianism rises.  In response to international innovations, the Hesburger product development kitchen developed a delicious vegetable protein burger of its own, containing pea, oat, and wheat proteins, as well as broad beans, among other things. The new vegetable protein burger was launched in January 2020 as one of the fillings for the VEKE® cheese veggie burger.

A masterpiece from Kaarina, Finland

The Hesburger vegetable protein burger resembling a meat burger is the indisputable masterpiece of our product development.  As always, our taste buds were the most important tools of this product development. The best taste and composition can be discovered only by tasting.

Our vegetable protein plant enables us to make exactly the kinds of vegetable protein burgers that are just perfect for Hesburger products. This plant, completed in Kaarina, Finland in the autumn of 2019, has been a significant investment for Hesburger. We believe that the popularity of vegetarian products will continue to grow in the future and that having a production plant of our own will be an increasingly important asset to us.

Keeping the bar high

The Hesburger objective is to increase the share of vegetarian products sold significantly.

Our goal is that half of the products sold at Hesburger restaurants in Finland will be meat-free in 2030. This objective applies to the share of meat-free products in all the sold savoury products of our standard selection, with the exception of French fries. In 2019, the share of meat-free products was approximately six percent.

We want to provide our customers with vegetarian products so tasty that choosing a vegetarian option is easy!

This page was last updated on August 21, 2020.