Interview: Kari Salmela, CEO

Whenever Hesburger acquires something, we think about it in terms of responsibility as well. There are many aspects to responsibility and it is not always easy to reach a conclusion on what would be the right choice. Then we have to rely on our values and goals.

I can see that Hesburger has developed in the area of responsibility in many ways. For example, we increasingly use renewable energy, compensate the carbon footprints of our products, and have our uniforms made of recyclable materials. We also support children’s school sports activities and a school located in the slums of Bangladesh. At the same time, we are aware that there is still much to be done.

Personally, my main concern is climate change. We ought to devote efforts to the well-being of the environment in every possible way. Of course, I also hope that everyone who works for us or who has dealings with Hesburger otherwise enjoys well-being in all respects.

This page was updated on 28 Jul, 2020.