Gift card terms of use

The Hesburger Gift Card (hereinafter 'Gift Card') is a gift card issued by Burger-In Oy (hereinafter 'Hesburger') (Business ID 2031967-6, address Linnankatu 34, 20100 Turku) to customers. The Terms of Use below apply to use of the card. The Gift Card is not personalised. The Customer hereby accepts these Terms of Use by using the Gift Card.

The Gift Card may be used to make purchases at all Hesburger restaurants in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The credit total loaded on the Gift Card may be used for one or more purchases. If the Customer would like to make a purchase that exceeds the amount of credit loaded on the Gift Card, the Customer will be required to pay Hesburger the difference between the Gift Card credit total and the purchase amount. The Customer may check the current credit total on the Gift Card at Hesburger restaurants in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. 

The Customer may purchase a Gift Card at Hesburger restaurants in Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.  The Customer may load the Gift Card with the desired amount of credit in euros when purchasing a Gift Card from a restaurant. The Customer may also order a Gift Card from the Hesburger online shop at The online shop will mail the Gift Card to the given mailing address (only within Finland). For more detailed information on the ordering restrictions for Gift Cards, please see the online shop Terms of Use. No separate fees are charged for use of the Gift Card.

Hesburger may give Gift Cards to its customers as gifts or contest prizes.

Gift Cards are activated with a card purchase or other transaction. The Gift Card is valid for 24 months from the date of activation. The Customer is not entitled to demand compensation from Hesburger if they have not used the Gift Card by the specified expiration date. Gift Cards whose credit total has been used in its entirety or whose validity has expired are collected by Hesburger from the Customer.

The amount of credit still on the Gift Card will not be refunded to the Customer. Hesburger is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen Gift Cards and will not replace them with new Gift Cards. Hesburger reserves the right to void a Gift Card if it has reason to believe it has been misused.