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Storage and maintenance of dishes and tableware in our restaurants is not possible.

The idea of fast food is that the products are ready for the customer. The packaging protects the product e.g. from drying out and ensures that the product remains hygienic inside the package. Packaging is necessary from the standpoints of food hygiene, smooth eating as well as cleanliness. Often the products are also packaged for take away, in which case packaging is necessary. For example, we only give straws, lids and napkins as needed.

We strive to make good packaging choices, taking into account materials, food hygiene and minimizing waste. It is also important to find out the possibilities of packaging recycling and the ability of waste treatment facilities to accept different materials. Different perspectives need to be taken into account when comparing e.g. the environmental impact of durable and disposable dishes.


For years, Hesburger has been developing and reducing packaging materials where possible. During 2019, Hesburger switched to using paper straws to reduce the use of plastic. An EU regulation will completely ban the sale of plastic straws in the EU in 2021.

We have been reducing the use of straws since the 1990 by e.g. removing straws from the condiment stations in our restaurants. For some of our products, a straw is still included by default and you can always get a straw from the cashier upon request.


Over the years, we have reduced and thinned out our packaging many times and replaced plastic with more environmentally friendly materials. For example, during 2019, Hesburger completely gave up plastic straws in Finland and during 2020 in Baltics countries and Bulgaria.

In the food sector, plastics play an essential role in some cases, for example in ensuring preservation and food hygiene and thereby reducing food waste. As packaging is still needed, its recycling is a priority.

It takes hundreds of years for plastic to break down. It is important that plastic that already exists is used wisely. Hesburger uses workwear made of a fabric that contains recycled plastic bottles. There are 18 recycled plastic bottles in one collared shirt and 20 in a belt. When the workwear comes to the end of its life-cycle, it is collected. The used work clothes are used as material for outdoor table sets for Hesburger restaurants with a service life of up to 50 years. Hesburger also recycles clear plastic film used in production and transportation.

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In Hesburger restaurants, all products fried in oil (chicken, soy and vegetable patties, onion rings, nuggets, soy sticks and french fries) can be cooked in the same oil. Hesburger beef patties are cooked on the same grill with pork bacon and chicken fillets are prepared.

We encourage our customers with food allergies and special diets to review product information for our ingredients before placing an order. Product information is subject to change as our ingredients change. Updated product information is always available on our website. For questions about diet and nutrition, we recommend that you contact a health care professional.

By highlighting your special diet or food allergy at the time of ordering, you ensure that our staff knows that your product should be prepared with special care. All products are prepared in the same kitchen facility so the risk of cross-contamination exists and is possible.

Where do Hesburger's beef patties come from?

Hesburger uses all-beef hamburger patties. Hesburger's standard beef patties are made from a select, high-quality blend of beef. 

Why was my favourite product removed from product selection?

Changes to our product range are always made on a customer-specific basis. Because we cannot endlessly increase the number of products in our line-up, the launch of a new product usually means the discontinuation of another. When it comes to product development, we make every effort to ensure that there is something delicious on our menu for each and every customer.

When will my favourite product campaign be back?

We make every effort to offer popular campaign products regularly in campaigns. We carefully examine the feedback we get on all our new products as well as our repeat campaign products. Customer-specific feedback is invaluable to us when choosing our campaigns.

Does Hesburger offer any single-serving salads?

Hesburger does offer a selection of single-serving salads. You can check out our salad offerings on our website under Salads. All salads come with one dressing of your choice. You can also see the selection of dressings on our website under Dips and dressings.

Which Hesburger raw material suppliers are Finnish?

Hesburger is a Finnish family-owned company. We make some of our products at our own production facility in Finland, in addition we cooperate willingly with reliable local suppliers. We're always open about our products. On our website, you'll find detailed product descriptions.

Where do Hesburger's mayonnaises, dressings and dips come from?

Most of the Hesburger's mayonnaises, dips and dressings are made in Finland at our own production facility in Kaarina. We have also Hesburger factory in Lithuania and they produce for example BBQ and Sweet & Sour dips. Check out the product information on our website.

What is Hesburger's quality based on?

Hesburger's quality is based on reliable suppliers, which have been our partners for a long time. Our high-quality products are based on the very best raw ingredients, which are prepared for our customers in the restaurant in accordance with precise instructions. Set, company-wide guidelines ensure that the end product is also of the highest standard. Various handbooks and a self-assessment scheme ensure quality throughout our chain. In addition to national foodstuffs oversight, Hesburger has its own, regular oversight system for maintaining quality. Also an accredited laboratory specialising in foodstuffs industry quality management is responsible for supervising the system.

Where can I see Hesburger's product selection? What do Hesburger products contain?

You can check out Hesburger's range of products on its website. You can find the product ingredients listed for each product. At our restaurants, our cashiers can provide information on the ingredients, nutritional information and allergens for any of our products.


Follow the vacancies on our website and submit your electronic job application via the job application form in the Vacancies section. In the Vacancies section, you can see which of our restaurants are looking for new employees. The situation changes almost daily, so you should follow the pages diligently.

Where can I find the nutritional information for Hesburger products?

The nutritional information for Hesburger's products is listed under each product on the Hesburger website under Products. The Hesburger website also features a nutritional value calculator that shows the nutritional value of any product combination.

Where can I check for allergens or ingredients causing hypersensitivity found in Hesburger's products?

Allergen information for Hesburger's products is listed under each product on the Hesburger website under Products. More information concerning nutritional values and allergenes here.

What are Hesburger French fries made of?

Hesburger's French fries are real potatoes. In order to ensure a crispy texture, our fries also contain other ingredients. They are fried in canola oil. Check out the product information on our website.

How can I calculate the nutritional values of my meal?

Hesburger's website has a separate nutrient calculator, which you can use to calculate, for example, the nutritional values of the meal you put together.

What is the Hesburger mobile application?

Hesburger has a mobile application that works with iPhone and Android phones. You can download the application from App StoreGoogle Play or HUAWEI AppGallery.

With the Hesburger application you can place an order and pay for it beforehand, and pick up your food at your desired time. It also includes Hesburger coupons in electronic format. The application makes your visit to Hesburger even quicker because you can simply pick up your pre-ordered and paid-for food at the pick-up station. The application also includes your Hesburger bonus card. Swipe left to reveal a QR code of your Bonus card at the cashier.

The Hesburger application helps you find and navigate to the nearest Hesburger restaurant. It also lists product information.


You can take photos or videos outside the restaurant or in the customer area of the restaurant. However, you should always consider the privacy of other customers as well as the restaurant staff. If you intend to publish your photos you should always ask for permission.

For more information on taking photos in Hesburger restaurants in Finland, please contact Communications Manager Petteri Pohjonen at For restaurants in other countries, please contact International Development & Marketing Director Ieva Salmela at