Children's Menu

The Hesburger Children's Menu solves two problems in one fell swoop: hunger and nothing to do. Delicious and fun! The meal themes are changed every two months.

Children's meal: Hamburger, regular fries and a soft drink (0.25 l) and a toy or other children's product (changed periodically). • You can replace Hamburger to Cheeseburger, Mini Chicken burger, 4 pc nuggets/soyfingers & dip or Hesburger Gluten free burger. • A mini salad, cucumber sticks, soy finger 5 pcs can be substituted for the fries. • Oat drink (0.25 l), milk drink (0.25 l), orange juice (0.25 l), smoothie (0.25 l) or Trip juice (0.2 l) may be substituted for the soft drink.

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