Our loyalty program

The Hesburger customer loyalty programme is called the “Bonus Club”. The Bonus Club was founded already in the 1990s, so Hesburger was one of the first companies to utilize such a programme. The Bonus Club operates in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, in addition to Finland.

Hesburger Bonus Club in a nutshell

  • People can join the Bonus Club through the Hesburger website or the Hesburger application.
  • Membership is completely free of charge and carries no obligations.
  • Using the Bonus card earns the member Bonus points for purchases made at Hesburger restaurants. The balance can be used for further Hesburger purchases.
  • The Bonus card can be used either by showing the actual card or through the Hesburger mobile application.
  • Members gain benefits and receive offers.
  • The Bonus Club newsletter is published approximately twice a month.
  • Members can manage their Bonus accounts through the Hesburger website.
This page was updated on 28 Jul, 2020.