Milk from Finn Cattle is ideal for ice cream

The creamy vanilla ice cream used in Hesburger's Ice Cream Burger is made with milk produced by Finn Cattle. Ice Cream Burgers are handmade in Vantaa at the Suomen Jäätelö ice cream factory. 

Finn Cattle are a part of Finland's cultural history. They are the only cattle bred in Finland which is why they are so well adapted to its conditions. Finland signed an international agreement to preserve this native breed, which only accounts for roighly 1% of all dairy cattle in Finland. 

The milk used in the Ice Cream Burger comes from Tampere

The milk used by Suomen Jäätelö comes from Tampere's Ahlman Farm, where all three breeds of Finn Cattle graze: Western Finn Cattle cows, Eastern Finn Cattle nd Northern Finn Cattle. Their milk has an above-average fat and protein con­tent, thus making it ideal for the production of ice cream.

There are currently some 40 cows and 40 calves or heifers on the Ahlman Farm. One cow produces approximately 7,600 kilograms of milk each year. The Ahlman Farm has a sustainable development certificate and major investments have been made to ensure animal well-being. In the summer, the cattle graze outdoors all day every day and in the winter they are let outside every day. The health and well-being of the animals is monitored with regular veterinarian visits.

This page was updated on 28 Jul, 2020.

"Finn Cattle are a part of Finland's cultural history."