A fair cup of coffee


A majority of the Hesburger restaurants serve Paulig Mundo coffee which is organic and Fair Trade certified. The aromatic, high-quality coffee blend is roasted using organically-grown, carefully hand-picked Arabica beans.

The goal of the Fair Trade certification is to safeguard responsibility in the supply chain. It ensures that no less than the minimum price is paid to small-scale growers for their ingredients. Approximately two per cent of the world's coffee growers are Fair Trade certified. They are small-scale growers, i.e. families with a coffee plantation roughly the size of a football pitch. On average, a single plantation will have 1,500 plants. On a good year, one coffee plant will produce enough coffee to fill a single package of coffee. The amount of Fair Trade certified coffee served at the Hesburger restaurants employs 50 coffee growers each year. Each cup of Fair trade coffee has a direct impact on the life of the growers and their families.

The organic control system places an emphasis on organic production methods. No synthetic fertilisers or chemical pesticides are used in the production of organic coffee. Certified coffees have been grown and produced in accordance with the criteria for organic certification. Regular inspections conducted by outside parties ensure compliance with these criteria.