Interview: Vesa Viitanen, Operative Director

It is with pleasure that I am following how Finland is taking a leading role in environmental responsibility around the world. This report can help us to review our operations, what we have accomplished, and what we can develop further.

We mainly use the same packaging materials abroad as we do in Finland. In 2019, we switched completely to using paper straws. Our customers have welcomed this change. We have long also reduced the overall use of straws so that they can be obtained only by request or for special products that require a straw.

In 2020, we are opening a logistics centre and production unit in Kaunas, Lithuania. It is similar to the distribution centre in Kaarina, Finland. This will reduce emissions because the transport distances become shorter.

Recycling is a deep-seated practice at Hesburger. Plastic recycling has been expanded in stages already for years. Our logistics department uses its return trips from the restaurant to bring back some clear plastic wrap and discarded uniforms for recycling and reuse. We have arranged the recycling of other restaurant waste in collaboration with a national waste management operator. The recycling rate of waste created by the restaurants rose to 41 percent during 2019, but we are aiming higher all along. As we continue to conduct pilots with the objective of getting smooth recycling in our dining areas as well, we expect to get some good results.

This page was updated on 18 Jul, 2020.